Signing and/or Certifying a PDF using jSignPDF

First time setup (only need to do this once)

  • Install JsignPDF
  • Create a png/jpg file with a signature
  • Obtain a digital signature from Jon and load it into the Windows keystore (see above)
  • Open the JsignPDF
  • For Keystore type, choose WINDOWS-MY
  • Click on load keys
  • Tick the ‘Append signatures to the existing ones’
  • Fill in the optional boxes if needed
  • Under the advanced – choose “Certification level” = “No changes allowed”
  • Hash algorithm – SHA256
  • Tick visible signature
  • Click on the TSA/OCSP/CRL and then set
  • Tick ‘Use timestamp server’
  • TSA Authentical – Without authentication
  • TSA hash algorithm – SHA-512
  • Click OK
  • Click on settings
  • Display – ‘Image and description’
  • Image – set this to your actual signature png/jpg file
  • Click close

To Sign a PDF with jSignPDF

  • Set the Input and Output PDF files
  • Tick the ‘Visible signature button’
  • Click on settings
  • To set where the signature goes use the Preview and Select, you can change from page to page and draw a box where the signature goes – after drawing its a good idea to check that it is at least 200 x 50 to fit everything in
  • Once this is all set click on ‘Close’
  • Click on ‘Sign It’

To certify a PDF with jSignPDF

  • Set the Input and Output PDF files
  • Untick the ‘Visible signature button’
  • Click on ‘Sign It’
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