T-E Meds, Inc. located in Taipei, Taiwan was founded in November 2022.

It is a subsidiary company of T-E Pharma Holding, incorporated in Cayman Island, focusing on the research and development of novel drugs to fulfill unmet medical needs.

The proprietary technology platforms enable designs of “T-E” drug molecules, which contain targeting (T) and effector (E) moieties. The targeting moiety directs the drug molecule to specific tissues, proteins, or cells, and the effector moiety performs the intended therapeutic functions. These designs help to improve drug’s overall efficacy and safety.

T-E Meds uses a proprietary “multi-arm linkers” platform which has been developed by Immunwork, Inc. to conjugate desired drug moieties together and create homogeneous antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and antibody-radionuclide conjugates (ARCs).

Site-specific conjugation ADC/ARC with high DAR could be the best-in-class technology. After the corresponding technologies are licensed from Immunwork, Inc., there are two ADC/ARC drug candidates that can target multiple myeloma (TE-1146) and pancreatic cancer (TE-1132) in the preclinical development.

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